We all want to fit in its human nature. The truth is that most of us don’t always feel liked by everyone around us, and that is OK.

Groomers as a whole, are big hearted caring humans. Why are we are concerned, often to a fault, with whether we are enjoyed, appreciated,...

ZEN ,This word is tossed around quite a bit in our culture. Products and places are named for it. But what does it mean really? Is it an ideal to aspire to? How can we create our own version of Zen no matter what our core beliefs are? Let’s start with a definition of t...

This is a favorite quote of mine, and it resonates deeply with my message of compassionate grooming. “You see, it’s the love with which you do things that radiates; it’s not the things that you do”~The Ra Material~The Law of One

There are a lot of murmurings right now i...


As a long time, homeopathic pet groomer, I have always happily been on the outside of the “regular” grooming circle. I have been called the granola groomer, the hippy groomer, weird, different, but I prefer The Oily groomer, as a certified aromatherapist essential oi...

When was the last time you went into a store or used a service and were so impressed with the experience that you shared it with friends and family? Or even better, took to your social media pages and posted reviews about them?

The truth is, most groomers try to get awa...

There is so much talk lately about licensing for our industry. We have many different wonderful grooming associations to belong to do. We have many ways to become certified in breeds, breed groups and even in species specific grooming. We do have some options for those...

Why do you do what you do?  Have you ever taken a moment and just thought about that? We love animals, we need to make money and the two just meet in the middle with the career of a professional pet stylist.

But what is the Purpose behind your passion? Do you even know?...

Dog Massage for the dog lover:

Why should massage be an integral part of dog care? Because it a scientific fact that massage can alleviate stress and lower blood pressure, especially when petting an animal. That is what this is, intentional petting, healing petting. It...

6 Simple Steps to a Feline Massage for a calmer kitty cat

We all want to help our pets in stressful situations. One of the best ways is offer them some massage therapy or acupressure therapy.

Cats can be difficult sometimes to stay and let us manipulate their body parts,...

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Transforming Pets,  a beach anywhere, Playing with crystals, All Thing Shiny & Sparkly  , being a Holistic Pet Groomer and especially #TheOilyGroomer

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