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Cat Grooming


Cat Grooming is available by appointment only.

A clean cat is a happy cat, and I am here to help! From nail trims to bathing, a little maintenance goes a long way.  Please note: There are some cats who do not tolerate being groomed. If your cat fights the grooming process, and there is some potential that injury could occur to your cat or myself, please make an appointment with a veterinarian to have a sedative prescribed and administered, prior to it's grooming appointment. 

Skin & Fur Care

It is untrue that cats self groom. All cats need regular grooming. Some more than others. Feline skin and Fur needs to be brushed often and bathed, moisturized and kept healthy. They also need their nails trimmed , ears cleaned and sanitary areas trimmed. Additionally hair cuts are available as well for short, medium and long coated breeds. Stop Destructive scratching, with a set of our Soft Claws nail caps!  Artistic coloring, fancy shaving, De-Sheding Treatments, Spa & Skin Therapies as well as Massage & Aromatherapy treatments,are also available.  

I have several preset grooming packages available for my feline friends, or you can choose the services you want. It is all the customization, you want to have your cat groomed the way you would like.  A few packages I have available are listed below, or we can create a custom package for you. Ask me for more details on these packages or to create a custom package for your kitty. These are designed to set up a regular routine grooming schedule, with a discounted price off the a la carte pricing when pre purchasing grooming packages. It really is the best choice for your cat, and the most economical on your budget. . 


There are many variations of the Lion clip, such as the Lyger, where we do a full tail and short round mane. I can also do the Dino Lion Clip with the points down the back and the tail. I can customize the clip to your personal preferences.

The Jungle Look ~ Some families love Lion Cuts. Other families find that life is easier when their cat has a lion clip. This six plus month program was designed to give your cat that beloved lion cut, and then keep your cat fresh and in fabulous condition for the next six to eight months.

Trans-Fur-Mation Program~ I understand how much additional stress, allergies and shedding can put on a cat loving family. During each groom, kitty's coat is thoroughly washed in warm water, opening up the pores to release the coat that is about to shed. Then blow dried to push out that extra fur. Combed completely through and then a more intense removal of dead coat is performed using a deluxe suctioning system. Leaving your cats free of dead coat and excess dander. A regular routine of our Trans Fur Mation Grooming Program will significantly decrease the amounts of allergens and dead coat your family is exposed to. 

Knot Again Program ~ For the Kitty who has severe matting or pelting issues. Sometimes our beloved feline friends are overlooked when life gets crazy. I completely understand this and am here to help with this grooming program. This program was designed to help get your kitty back into full coat and help educate you on how to prevent your feline friend from ever have this happen again. With this program we will safely remove the old matted coat, bathe your kitty with natural skin rejuvenating products, dry and style them so they not only look better but more importantly, they feel better. 

Fur-Ocious Cub Program ~ For Kittens 6 months old or younger. Kittens need grooming too! Starting the grooming process before six months of age not only allows your kitty to become used to the grooming process, but also helps kittens to interact in a more positive way with their groomer and their family. 

Pawsh Kitty Program~ Regular grooming provides many benefits to the life of a feline and the humans who love them. I strongly believe that all cast world benefit from a grooming session every four weeks. I also understand that regular grooming can be difficult on your budget. Pawsh Kitty can help you by providing a discount while spreading your payments out over a year at no additional charges. 

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