Remember the cheesy 1980's Olivia Newton John Video?  With her in that head band and those chubby sweaty guys she was whipping into shape as she sang and danced around in her blue shiny work out outfit...oh the 80's.....when my elbows and knees and shoulders and well I...


My Grandmother Lena, used to call me a Jack of all trades, Master of none. It was a joke she had about me, since I was always studying something new. I did master each new thing I tried, and then moved on to something else to add to my bag of tricks.

Today, I want to be...


I confess…I am a stripper. I know shocking as it may seem,  I love to hand strip, roll coats, pluck and twist. Whew, feels good to confess that I use a stripping knife and stripping tools a lot in my grooming.  Psst…come closer, I don't want to say this too loud…even o...

With so many salons to run for Pet Club Grooming I am always on the go. I groom out of many salons in two states. It took me quite a while to learn what my essential items were for my grooming bag. I had to keep things semi simple for travel reasons.

Now anyone who know...

Cheers to my Mom! Today is her 70th Birthday. As a BIG thank you and tribute to the woman who taught me everything I know about dogs, I dedicate this blog post to her today.

Lots of people ask, “how do you know so much about dogs?” I always answer “My Mom”.

I grew up wit...

I groomed a West Highland Terrier the other day. It was a rough day. You see as a groomer sometimes you get the rare moment when you are blessed to connect on a soul level with an animal. This Westie was adorable and in true to Westie form a challenge to groom. Her big...

Groomers are notoriously bad at being healthy. We never eat. We live off of caffeine and candy bars. When we do get a minute to woof (pun intended) something down It is usually fast food, cold from sitting and not very appetizing.

We start our days early and end them la...


Let’s talk about CATS baby, let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about Cats.

Ok enough of my obsession with 80's-90''s Pop/Rap music.... Let’s get serious here. Cats are very serious creatures. They do not take anything lightly. Trust me, I am a cat groomer. I know t...


People who know me always ask me "What’s your favorite essential oil.?" And yes I do get confused buy this question. So this meme is pretty accurate. 

I love using EO's in my grooming practice and my personal life. I believe that we are bombarded by toxins everywhere. W...


I love Jonathan David. There I said it out loud for all to read.  Well not in the biblical sense of loving someone. But in the sense that I love his Persona, his grooming skills, his teaching skills and his ability to make people feel good. There are some people you me...

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Loves Cats and Dogs , Pink , Purple and fun colors,
Transforming Pets,  a beach anywhere, Playing with crystals, All Thing Shiny & Sparkly  , being a Holistic Pet Groomer and especially #TheOilyGroomer

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