Well not really a Bear, but a beautiful Rotweiler named Bear. He came to me because mom had him into seveal places in several states (Bear is her service dog and travels with her) to get his shedding under control. Still not satisfied with previous services, she was re...


Poor Rusty, such a sweet boy. He was suffering from very dry skin (Seborrheic Demititis) Per his Vet we were asked to shave him down close. I normally do not do shave downs on double coated breeds, however this was Vet reccomended to help his skin heal. 

We did a pre sh...


Yorkshire Terrier puppy referred to me afer he was sent home from his 1st groomer. They said he was too bad and couldn't be groomed. HaHa, I got this little boy "groomified" and it took me an hour and a half start to finish. He is now on an every 4 week grooming schedu...


While at Super Zoo 2016 I was able to compete in their Rescue Rodeo competion. I was given a resue dog to groom. I had no idea what coat I was going to have, what type of dog, what breed...you get the idea, it's a total blind hand off.

I got Trevor, a sweet terrier mix....


 Meet Dante and Lua. Two Miniature Schnauzers who came to me severely matted. The owners were refereed to me by another client of mine, who is their neighbor. These two were being 10 kenneled every six months. So basically twice a year grooms. I took some time and spok...


Preparing your dog prior to clipping is primary. Bathing and drying are paramount when preparing the coat to be scissored. Little Diva's mom was counseled by me on what products to wash her in at home, in between grooming. This helps me, the groomer so much. When Diva...


Meet Alfie. or his proper name is Desert Bloom Alfred Hitchcockers Suspicion. We just call this sweet boy Alfie. He is a chocolate Merle cocker. Instead of the typical cocker clip I put him in a Teddy Bear trim for the winter/spring months. I love to  play with differe...


Welsh Terrier that I groomed. I love to hand strip. He isn't a show dog so I do something called a "Pet Strip"

It's a combination of hand stripping and other tools along with light clipper work. 

I feel that it is important to maintain the integrity of the pets original...


With the summer weather here already, we are seeing a-lot of requests to shave down all sorts of breeds. I usually will consult with my pet parents against full shave downs. This little guy was taken short but not shaved naked. This is Ripley and he was groomified !

A g...


Ever see a dog smile. He was itchy, sore and needed some relief. Mission : SPA DAY, groomified accomplished!

I use Madra Mor Mud treatments. They are all natural and infused with essential oils to sooth and soften your pets skin. Different types can help with the follow...

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