This is a favorite quote of mine, and it resonates deeply with my message of compassionate grooming. “You see, it’s the love with which you do things that radiates; it’s not the things that you do”~The Ra Material~The Law of One

There are a lot of murmurings right now i...


As a long time, homeopathic pet groomer, I have always happily been on the outside of the “regular” grooming circle. I have been called the granola groomer, the hippy groomer, weird, different, but I prefer The Oily groomer, as a certified aromatherapist essential oi...

How to use essential oils safely on your dog


Intent is a body, mind, spirit connection

What is intent?

You set your intent by the actions you take, the words you speak and the energy you emit. Your intent is put out into your world through word and deed daily. Pretty hefty stuff huh? What exactly is the English def...

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Loves Cats and Dogs , Pink , Purple and fun colors,
Transforming Pets,  a beach anywhere, Playing with crystals, All Thing Shiny & Sparkly  , being a Holistic Pet Groomer and especially #TheOilyGroomer

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