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No need for any fire with my liquid smudge spray. 3.4 ounces of either white sage or bay smudge. Use these sprays to banish negative energy, and freshen the air. My sprays are vibrationally set with Reiki energy and pre-poured over selenite to cleanse and charge the spray. 

Purpose of Bay: Bay leaves have an elaborate history dating back thousands of years and were used for their health benefits by the ancient Greeks and Romans. In addition to its historical and culinary uses, the bay leaf has also been held as a sacred tool for cleansing one’s space and alleviating stress, anxiety, and unpleasant energy. Ancient temples routinely burned bay leaves to clear the space and heighten one’s intuitive powers, and today the practice of burning bay leaves in one’s home is resurfacing in practice. Bay leaves can be used to induce prophetic dreams, ward off negativity or negative energy, increase psychic powers, water purification in ceremonies, love magic, success, banishing, and healing.

Purpose of White Sage:  This aromatic plant can be used for both culinary and medicinal purposes. It too has been used for millennia by indigenous people for sacred cleansing ceremonies.  Smudging works to clear negative energy from your space, and this includes bad experiences or traumas that happened to you or where you live. Many people prefer to “sage the place” before moving into a new house, inviting positive energy and intention for self-improvement. If you are feeling bogged down, depressed, confused, or sad, cleansing your sacred space and your personal space with this spray will release that stuck energy and allow for fresh positive energy to fill your energy field.


Liquid Sage/Smudge Spray~ Clear Negative Energy

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