Organic made soap cubes with sugar scrub inside. Made with all organic ingedients, essential oils, hemp oil, coconut oil, and goats milk. NO SYNTHETIC OILS or pigments used. These are hand crafted by me in small batches. They come 10-13 per container, depending on size of the cubes/ Just smash the cube under warm water and scrub away. Big cubes for your whole body,little cubes for just your hands or face. Make your skin super soft and shed away all the dead skin with the fine grain organic sugar scrub. Smells amazingly like bubble gum! Comes packaed in cellophane and cardboard cup, you can replace in any air tight container you wish to keep them fresh. 

Pink Sugar Cube Scrubs

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  • Sugar shines the skin and also nourishes the epidermal layer, making your skin apear more youthful and having a healthy glow!

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