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Teddy Bear Clip

Meet Alfie. or his proper name is Desert Bloom Alfred Hitchcockers Suspicion. We just call this sweet boy Alfie. He is a chocolate Merle cocker. Instead of the typical cocker clip I put him in a Teddy Bear trim for the winter/spring months. I love to play with different patterns on dogs with this type of coat. Thick and and super soft, this guy has a great coat to do all sorts of styles. I used the Bravura with a clip comb for his body and ears, just scissoring up any fly aways. Cleaned up his face with a reverse 10 and the inside of the ears with a 40. beveled up his feet to help maintain the full leg look. Now he looks as cute as he is sweet!

Amer. Cocker Sp. in Teddy Clip
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