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It's in the MUD and the mass-ahh-ge

Ever see a dog smile. He was itchy, sore and needed some relief. Mission : SPA DAY, groomified accomplished!

I use Madra Mor Mud treatments. They are all natural and infused with essential oils to sooth and soften your pets skin. Different types can help with the following:


*Shedding undercoat

*Stiff or sore Muscles/Joints

*Fleas, ticks and dermatitis

MUD DOES THE BODY GOOD. Dogs need to have the oils replaced that are removed when we shampoo them. Our mud treatment does not require any shampoo. It is a totally replenishing treatment from the top coat all the way down through to the dermis. Nourish your pets skin and coat. They will love you for it!

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