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Before N After: Totally Groomified

With the summer weather here already, we are seeing a-lot of requests to shave down all sorts of breeds. I usually will consult with my pet parents against full shave downs. This little guy was taken short but not shaved naked. This is Ripley and he was groomified !

A good groomer will discuss these options with you, educate you and also refuse to do anything that will endanger your pet. NAKED is not cool for your pet, it is DANGEROUS.

TOP 5 Reasons NOT to shave your dog naked :

1. It removes all your dogs protective coat from the elements

2. The skin is now exposed and can easily be sunburn, windburn or contact dermatitis (allergy to things the skin comes in contact with)

3.Your dog will still shed, just as much as before, but much shorter hairs.

4. Your dogs coat may not grow back in properly. It may change color, texture, or only grow back in spots.

5. Dogs need their coat to regulate their body temperature. Removing it takes away their ability to regulate heat and cold temps, causing your pet to overheat or get hypothermia.

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