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Rusty Chow Mix

Poor Rusty, such a sweet boy. He was suffering from very dry skin (Seborrheic Demititis) Per his Vet we were asked to shave him down close. I normally do not do shave downs on double coated breeds, however this was Vet reccomended to help his skin heal.

We did a pre shave to remove most of the coat prior to the bath. Normally I would have used the Bobbi Panter Itchy Dog Shampoo, but we ran out! So a quick switch to the Bobbi Panter Bad Hair Day Shampoo was an easy substitute for his irritated skin. Both shampoos are infused with almost identical essential oils that deal with dry itchy skin and also sooth away the itch. Bad Hair day also contains more natural conditioners making it a "heavier" conditioning shampoo. Once bathed, we did a conditioning treatment of Bobbi Panter's Natural Nourishing Dog Conditioner. We used it undiluted and really massaged it into his skin. We also took an additonal product, the Madra Mor Soothing Mud, and added that along with the conditioning treatment. Amazing results. Dandruff gone, itching relieved. Rusty was totally Groomified !!

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