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Simply Essential Items

With so many salons to run for Pet Club Grooming I am always on the go. I groom out of many salons in two states. It took me quite a while to learn what my essential items were for my grooming bag. I had to keep things semi simple for travel reasons.

Now anyone who knows me, knows that there is nothing simple about me. I am just that kind of gal. I am always prepared for something. So simplifying my grooming bag was a major stressful event for me. But I managed to narrow it down to a few choice tools and products to have in my bag, and then utilize whatever they have available in the salon I happen to be the guest groomer at.

So here are a few of my favorite things:

  • Wahl Bravura Lithium Ion Clipper: This little clipper has saved my life! Well sort of, It has saved my arms, hands and shoulders from those heavy clunky clippers. Rechargeable, lightweight, and can even be plugged in and used while recharging. No heavy battery pack, no thick cords. This little powerhouse breezes through cocker coats like butter and matted messes like a champ. The blade is a 5 in 1, goes from 9 to a 40, with a flick of a switch. Never gets hot. Runs quiet enough for the most frightened puppy or skittish kitty. Has a variety of blade types from fine to coarse. LOVE IT, RECOMMEND IT, USE IT EXCLUSEVLY.

  • Wahl 5-1 blade Clip Comb Set: These combs slide on and fit great. They don’t slip or “jump” off the blade when hitting a snag. Metal guard combs slide through the coat, leaving no track marks or those horrible clipper lines. They come in a variety of sizes. Amazing, I don’t know how I managed to groom without these two products for so long.

*Now a few things about working with the above products. Coats need to be brushed well prior to using, unless you are doing a strip. When using the clip combs, clean, dry, well brushed coat is what they work best on. The smaller 5 in 1 blade does get clogged quicker with hair then the normal sized blades. I keep an old toothbrush and some light lube spray (recipe in bottom of post) at all times to clean it quickly and keep it oiled. But not so greasy that it makes the pets fur oily. *

  • Chona Shears: I love shears, like most groomers I collect them. The one’s that I carry around with me are my oldest. A 42 tooth thinner, an 8.5 curved and 8.5 straight. Purchased well over 10 years ago, sharpened way too many times to remember. These are my die hard groom any coat shears.

  • Le Pooches Green Double Headed Pro Brush: Worth its weight in gold! Costs a fortune, but worth every single penny. Lasts forever if you take care of it. This brush is great for almost every kind of coat out there. I have also used the Activet brushes by Groomers Helper and they are good quality also, and a little less on the pocket book.

  • Eqyss Marigold Spray: This is the ULTIMATE must have in your kit. You can use this for cologne, for de matting, for taking the static out of the air around your table, pre bath blow out, de shedding after bath treatment, Leave in conditioner. And so much more. I love the fact that it is made with Marigold flowers which are amazing at keeping away ticks, fleas, mosquitos, flies and more. It is multi-functional, which is always a big bonus to me. I dilute it down to a few drops to a 16-ounce spray bottle (save a water bottle and an old sprayer that fits the bottle’s threads) filled with water and spay the air around my table while grooming. Viola’ unit-stat spray, that doesn’t make your coat sticky or dull.

  • Mars Coat Kings: I know there are tons of different kind of coat rakes out there. I am old school and I like Mars. They last a long time, hold their edge and do the job. Nuff’ said….

  • Argon Oil: I love this oil to make coats just glisten and shine. I used to use commercially made silicone products but have since discovered the healing properties of this oil along with Coconut, Jojoba and Almond when used alone or mixed in with my EO’s.

  • Witch Hazel: I no longer use any commercially produced ear cleaner. No use for all those harsh fragrances and such. Witch Hazel cleans naturally and is a natural astringent, so it will also dry the ear canal gently. I add a drop or two of my EO’s depending on what those ears look and smell like.

  • Young Living Essential Oils: My bag would be incomplete without them. Depending on the breeds I have booked and what I have planned these little amber jars of amazingness always accompany me. From diffusing the salon, to calming a nervous dog, to hot spots, crusty areas, and more. I turn to my oils to help me create a barrier of well-being around the pets that I am entrusted to care for.

That’s it, besides an assortment of regular brushes and combs, rubber bands, quick stop and a few other odds and ends. Simple. Yep that’s me…..Hey stop laughing, I am really….well I’m trying to be ….

Here is the recipe for the DIY 5-1, blade cleaner/lube: can be used on regular blades also

In a 16 OZ spray bottle mix

16 ounces Tap water

2 drops Lemon Essential Oil

Shake well before spraying, if using a clip comb, remove comb, spray blade lightly, brush out excess hair with old toothbrush, wipe dry with towel, replace clip comb, continue to groom, enjoy the lemon scent.

After finished grooming remove 5-1 blade spray with mixture, clean with brush, use HV dryer to blow out excess hair. Add a drop of clipper oil to cutter side of blade and let sit overnight. Wipe dry before putting back on clipper and using again.

*P.S. you can use the left over mixture to clean and sanitize your table, station, shears, brushes, kennels etc.…Yeah you can thank me later J

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