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Yummy Dog DIY Scrub

For my DIY Groomers, here's a little goodie for ya. I love to make this scrub for my short hair breeds (no skin problems needed) but if they have dandruff it works great too. I use raw (organic) fine ground turbinado sugar, (Reserve some for yourself to use at home, is amazing for before/after shaving legs or if your a guy your face!) Shampoo Dog as usual, rinse. Don't condition as this will work as the conditioning treatment. Gently work into the skin from the head to the tail, down the legs. Pay attention not to get into ears, privates, eyes, or areas that have open sores. Work well into areas between paw pads and around toe nails, base of tail, elbows and any heavy sheddng areas. Do not brush, just usie your hands and gently move sugar through coat in circular motion, massing the skin. Rinse well, with two rinses first with a warm rinse while continuing to massage and upsh sugar off of the coat and skin. Second rinse with cool water to seal in oils and close off hair shaft. Towel dry, then force dry if needed.

Also a couple drops of cinnamon bark EO and Vanilla in Coconut oil makes an amazing Paw balm (or for yourself skin lotion). Keep in an air tight container and remember to use gloves or a spatula to remove so you don't cross contaminate :) Have fun, and be an #OilyGroomer if you use any of my DIY suggestions hashtag it on instagram as #oilygroomer with a photo so we can show that essentail oils are wonderful healing tools if used correctly for pets !

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