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4 Ways to take your salon all the way to healthy

How do you feel when you walk into your shop? Even if you are not the owner, what are your thoughts when going into work?

Your thoughts are energy. They permeate everything around you and inside of you. Too many groomers hate where they work. They dread going in to an over crowded, loud, chaotic work place. How can we change this? Being healthy encompasses many different things, but your feelings of healthy are what effect everyone and thing around you. People ask each other all the time, "how do you feel?" "What are your feelings about this", we say "I have a gut feeling", or "I'm just not feeling it". Feelings are energy that we transfer through our actions, deeds and words. 

The environment we are in also affects how we feel. Chromatherapy is the science of how color can effect emotions. Large advertising companies use this science to influence you into buying their products. Restaurant owners consider color when designing their bars and dining areas. Hospitals, supermarkets and Spas also.  What does your work environment look like? Are the colors used conducive to good feelings? Are the walls bright and cheery? Or is it run down and in need of a facelift? Are The colors soothing or are they. Energetic? Dogs can't see color like humans do. However they are influenced by our energy. If our environment makes us feel annoyed or depressed the dog is going to feel out of balance with its own energy and act out in many ways. You will feel out of balance also! If you are business owner consider changing or  updating the color scheme  of your shop. Paint  is the most inexpensive and easiest way to change your shops appearance. In addition to uplifting your groomers and clients energy when they come through the door. If you are a groomer, look to work in bright, soothing or relaxing colored salons. See how you feel when you walk through that door for the first time. Colors of smocks and aprons are also visual clues to our brains that things around us are in balance or in chaos. Color is important.

Aromatherapy is the science of using scent to influence how you feel. We also can use it as a tool for behavior modification. How does your salon smell? Not just when you open in the morning, but throughout the day? are you using heavy perfumes in candles and sprays. and strong smelling disinfectants? Scent is a strong indicator to our brain if something is good or bad. This links back to our cave man days. We see something ,we smell it if it smells pleasing we are happy and want it. Smells that are abrasive to our senses make us "turn up our nose" and walk away. Which do you want for your business? Dogs and cats smell things at a much deeper level than humans. Scent travels through their bodies setting off many different instinctual behaviors. What feelings do you want to illicit from both the pets and the people that visit your shop ? You must consider both as they are both inhabiting that space.  Natural scents that are light and clean should be used . Diffusing essential oils that are highly diluted will give your groomers, customers and yourself feelings of wanting to be there. Not strong or overpowering. You are not trying to mask over smells, you are creating a healthy environment to breathe in. Clean with natural based cleaners and disinfect using proper dilution so your space doesn't smell like a chemical factory. 

What does it sound like in your salon? Is it nice and calm even if a few of the dogs are barking. Is there music playing softly in the background? Are the groomers talking happily with clients and soothing to the pets? Is your salon the opposite of all this ? Humans and animals will shut down when their environment is too loud and hectic. What do you want to bring out in your staff and clients when they are in your shop? People who feel calm and safe are open to suggestion. Animals are the same way. Part of our job is to influence people to buy our service and also work for us. Are you creating that? Groomers are you working in that type of atmosphere? 

Water is life. It is a precious resource that we often forget about. When we offer water to someone, it breaks the ice so to speak. Pun intended. Keeping your staff  and pet customers hydrated with cool water available at all times is important. When you are dehydrated you are cranky, hot and lethargic, not to mention thirsty. Keeping hydrated also keeps your mind sharp, your eyesight keen and your body nimble. Offering clients water when they arrive is a gesture of goodwill. Small fountains make a wonderful calming sound in your reception area. Adding small Beta or goldfish tanks to your decor will have a soothing effect on all that see them. 

Healthy is is a journey. Healthy is a way of life. People that want to be healthy make healthy choices for themselves and their pets. Stress, chaos, and frantic work places are not good for anyone , two legged or four. We owe it to ourselves and the customers that we serve to create (or work in) a healthy environment to do business in. 

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