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About Me:.

I'm an all natural Pet Groomer, Human, Feline and Canine master massage therapist, Certified Aromatherapist for pets & people , lover of all things fun and funky. I'm a Photographer, A Traveler, a learner, a teacher, a lioness, a diva, a forever fat girl, A total fashionista. I'm always searching for new and old ways, new and old things, vintage, clearance, Designer, Distressed, junky jewels and ways to make memories even out of bad days. I love changing my hair color,  having my nails done, Any kind of Bling, cats, dogs, Rescuing homeless pets, restoring old furniture, decorating, gardening,  I love the wonder and honesty  of small children, being a grandmother, a mother, A Wife, an auntie, A Sister, and Daughter. I enjoy not being the norm, rainy days, beach days, old movies ,new movies, being a girl, being the Queen Bee, transforming pets one grooming visit at a time, being silly and always just being me .

Interested in my Holistic Grooming classes, visit my sister site at 

always finding dogs

Tel: 602-573-8329

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