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Canine & Feline Grooming 

I am currently accepting new clientel.

I am available by appointment .

Now grooming exclusively at 

My Private Home Studio

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Dog ShihTzu Grooming
cat grooming
Dog ShihTzu Grooming

Private grooming is available by appointment 

My services are one on one with your pet, non stress and an enjoyable grooming experience for both Canines and Felines. 

  • Please call , text or email me to check my availability. I may have same day availability.
  • Advanced bookings are always appreciated. 


Appointments are taken from 8 am until 4 pm. Depending on my availability.  

I accept all breeds and sizes of pets as long as I am able to safely groom and handle them. 

  • I offer personalized homeopathic Holistic Grooming services for your pets. All Natural Organic Products are used, even the most sensitive of pets can be groomed safely.

  • As a Skin and Coat specialist, Certified Aromatherapist and Pet Massage therapist, I am able to offer all natural grooming solutions for your pets skin and coat issues. I always encourage a working relationship between your pet's veterinarian and myself to assure they are receiving the best care possible. 

  •  Creative coloring and styling for those who like to add a little something extra to their pets personality are also available. For both Cats and Dogs. I only use natural, vegan , pet safe colors and dyes. 

  • I am known as "The Puppy Whisperer or Kitten Tamer", I love to train pups and kitties to enjoy a life long love of being groomed. 

  • Nutrition, proper veterinary care, training and of course frequent grooming of your pet are paramount to maintaining a healthy pet. Please do not hesitate to speak with me about proper nutrition, home grooming routines and training as I am very well versed in these subjects. I always take the time to counsel and consult with each client I meet with. There are no "Dumb" questions, just unanswered ones. 

  • I am Pet CPR, 1st Aid, Senior Petizen and Dental Care Certified through Pet Tech. 


*Small dog breeds (15 lbs and under) Full Grooming (hair cut) start at $65.00 and increase depending on breed, coat condition, temperament and other factors. You will be given a final quote when I am able to meet your pet.  Bath and Brush out's start at $55.00 and are subject to the same standards as above. I offer pre-paid monthly grooming packages at reduced rates, please ask me about these special pricing options. NO MEDIUM OR LARGE BREED DOGS

* Cat grooming prices start at $125.00 for Full Grooming and increase depending on size, coat condition, temperament and other factors. I offer pre-paid grooming packages at reduced rates, please see my cat grooming page.

You will be given a final quote when I am able to meet your pet. Bath and Brush out's start at $75.00 for all coated cats, and are subject to the same standards as above. I am a Diploma Master Holistic Feline Groomer. I am highly educated in cat care, grooming and Catittude :)

All grooming including bath and brush outs are all inclusive. Premium Shampoos, Conditioners, Teeth Brushed, Nails cut and filed, Ears cleaned, Glands checked, bows, bandannas and natural scents are all included in my pricing. If I need to add any type of additional skin & coat treatment or creative coloring/styling, this will be explained to you and full price of service given when you drop off your pet. ALL COSTS  WILL BE IN WRITING, and you must sign and agree to all services and cost. Payment is due when services are rendered.  You can pay by Cash or Credit/Debit card, there is an additional fee for Credit/Debit payments. 


Please visit the pages listed in the menu tab for Cat Grooming Services information and Dog Grooming Services information 


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