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Inside this career-changing e-book you will find...


  • Just exactly what Reiki is
  • How Animal Energy Work for Pet Groomers is used in the Pet Grooming Enviorment
  • The different levels and Kinds of Reiki
  • How to get started healing Pets  withthe Animal Energy Work For Pet Groomers system
  • How an imbalanced energy field can be causing health and behavior problems in pets
  • The many health benefits associated with this ancient healing practice
  • What you can expect in a typical AEWPG session
  • The 7 chakras (energy centers) which AEWPG can unblock and balance, leading to Balanced Temperments and health and happiness for pets and their owners
  • How to help pets react better to grooming sessions
  • The foundational hand positions and methods to perform AEWPG
  • The Reiki symbols that boost your healing practice
  • How to add complementary crystals and what crystals to work with in AEWPG
  • How to clean, charge and use crystals with AEWPG
  • How to protect and restore your energy system 
  • And MORE
  • INSTANT ACCESS - Getting Started With Animal Energy Work for Pet Groomers is digital, so you can get started immediately!

Intro to Animal Energy Work for Pet Groomers

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