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The Pet Strip, fun and functional

Welsh Terrier that I groomed. I love to hand strip. He isn't a show dog so I do something called a "Pet Strip"

It's a combination of hand stripping and other tools along with light clipper work.

I feel that it is important to maintain the integrity of the pets original coat and look as much as possible.

Full clippering on a harsh coated terrier tends to make it super soft and cotton like. They should have nice wire feel to the guard hairs. By suggesting this type of groom to the owner we have managed to make this guys coat grow back in to almost it's original texture. I also use special products to help create a harsher texture. I still condition the coat well, and make sure that it penetrates deeply down to the skin. He seems happy with the results and his Mom and Dad are amazed that he doesn't look like a Schnauzer lol When he first came to me, he was in a schnauzer pattern sort of. 4 grooms later, he looks like the fiesty loveable Welsh Terrier that he is.

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