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Fun With Schnauzers

Meet Dante and Lua. Two Miniature Schnauzers who came to me severely matted. The owners were refereed to me by another client of mine, who is their neighbor. These two were being 10 kenneled every six months. So basically twice a year grooms. I took some time and spoke with the owners and asked what they wanted their dogs to look like VS. what they had time and the budget to actually do. We decided that they would get them groomed every 8 weeks, and they wanted a full leg and skirt pattern. We flipped through some of my books with photos of Asian Fusion style heads and they were excited! They chose the Mohawk style for Dante and the round muzzle for Lua. We talked about home brushing, and proper tools for this.

I instructed them on how to home brush and comb, to remove matts and dead undercoat. Clients that are responsive to your suggestions need to be cultivated. They prebooked for 6 weeks and I can't wait to see how they do with all the info I gave them on maintaining ther pets coats.

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