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De Shedding a Bear in 3 easy steps

Well not really a Bear, but a beautiful Rotweiler named Bear. He came to me because mom had him into seveal places in several states (Bear is her service dog and travels with her) to get his shedding under control. Still not satisfied with previous services, she was refered to me. I did my normal deshed, with an added touch to help this boy maintain a glorious shiny coat. I also spoke with his owner about proper nutirion for his breed and other at home grooming things she can do to keep him looking his best. I introduced her to a slicker brush and a spray bottle. Brushing daily with a little conditioner (You all know my favorite Bobbi Panter) mixed wih water in a misting spray bottle will help keep his skin hydrated and also remove dead coat. Daily brushing will help release the oils that nurture the skin, so the coat can function normally. It's a two prong plan Proper Nutrition and Proper Coat/Skin care. Watch the videos and see how I like to make a Bear Shine!

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