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Keep Going, a how to....

Groomers are notoriously bad at being healthy. We never eat. We live off of caffeine and candy bars. When we do get a minute to woof (pun intended) something down It is usually fast food, cold from sitting and not very appetizing.

We start our days early and end them late. By lunch time we are usually crabby tired and ready to throw in the towel and that’s just on regular business days. Don’t even think about how horrid we feel when the holiday season hits. Hungry, Tired, Sore, to name a few symptoms that plague a groomers life.

We love it though. We thrive on the chaos that it brings and the fur that we fling! We genuinely exhaustedly (is that a word?) love what we do. So much so, that we forgo our own health and wellbeing.

Smoothies are a great way to take a meal with you to work. You can drink and work at the same time. No smells to make the dogs/cats/rabbits/ferrets/ and more want to snatch it out of your hand. A cup in one hand and a shear in the other. A happy compromise. We do this with our life blood, coffee/soda all day long anyway. Why not swipe one out for an actual healthy meal?

Smoothies are great! They stay well in the fridge and you can put whatever you want into them. Choose your fruits, veggies and proteins. They can provide the boost throughout the day that you need. No more mid-day slump. No more starving when you get home and eat everything in sight while fixing dinner for the family. No angrier hungry groomer.

Here is one of my favorites. I call it my Get Through the Day Grooming Smoothie, or for short Lunch

Now I like to pair up things like fine dining. You always choose a wine that complements the meal. I like to choose my essential oils that complement what I am doing and trying to achieve. So I use my diffuser in my salon ALWAYS. By lunch time I am sore and feeling it in my shoulders and more, so I rub some Panaway on my shoulders, elbows and wrists, neck, and behind my knees. Then throw a few drops in the diffuser to help even more while I work.

Smoothie consists of

Almond Coconut Milk blend

Assorted fruits, what ever I feel like or sometimes I just buy the frozen organic fruit mixes.

Chia Seeds

Coconut Oil

Kale, spinach or some greens, depends on what I want and have on hand

Beets, Carrots or any veggies I have floating around my fridge

**Here’s the Pick me up part** I use

10 drops of Lime,

10 drops of Lemom

10 drops of Digitize

******BAM****better than a black coffee any day!! You can do the same thing for breakfast, but lets not get crazy here. A cofee or a coke is fine and gab a a dog and start your day :)

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