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Aliens and Master Certificaion

My Grandmother Lena, used to call me a Jack of all trades, Master of none. It was a joke she had about me, since I was always studying something new. I did master each new thing I tried, and then moved on to something else to add to my bag of tricks.

Today, I want to be a mini lion tamer. I want to know how to tame the wild beasts we call the domesticated house cat. I want to master the skill so well that I can call myself a Certified Master Cat Groomer. The title itself evokes awe and a slight gasp escapes your lips when you say it out loud. Yes, it does have an official ring to it.

Cat grooming isn’t for everyone. Trust me, some day’s it isn’t for me. But it is always a challenge and that is something I enjoy. So I have decided to step up my cat grooming skills, and take them to the next level. I am going to be studying for my CFMG certification through the National Cat Groomers Institute of America. I am very excited about this. I have not taken a long (6 months) study related course in a while and I am actually getting a little giddy about it. I feel like a kid before the first day of school.

I have done my prep work. I have been grooming cats for quite some time now so I have a basic knowledge of their idiosyncrasies. I am keenly aware of the fact, that they are indeed, creatures from an alien planet. For centuries they have been planning their world domination and are on the verge of becoming the master race. So why not prepare myself for this impending coup, and secure myself as one of their preeminent hair dressers. Anyone who knows anything about cats knows they are vain and fashion forward creatures. This certification would certainly place me ahead of the crowd when they categorize humans for work tasks. If I score high enough on my exams, I could possibly get a job working with the Queen. Now that would be very prestigious for me. But I am putting the nip before the cat here. Let me get back to why this is important to me now.

Certification is important as it elevates my skills. It will take me to another level of learning and execution of grooming felines This excites the eternal student in me. I want to learn a better, faster, safer, easier, way to groom cats. I want to be able to improve on the current skills I have and elevate myself to a higher level of grooming. By certifying through the NCGIA it will also give my customers the peace of mind that their groomer took the time and expense to learn more about the safety and handling of grooming cats.

To be a master of any skill means you are the best of the best. I want to be in that league. I want to say that I worked hard enough to surpass the expectations of my peers to be called a Master Feline Groomer.

I have a lot of work ahead of me. Lots of books to study, lots of videos to watch, lots of brains to pick. I am ready, I am excited. I am a little nervous. I am not a kid anymore. I am a little older, a little slower. My brain doesn’t remember like it’s used to. I’m going to have to come up with some study aids, flash cards and other things to help me remember all this information that is required to Master the Feline grooming. I know I can do it. I just need to give myself some wiggle room to learn, prioritize my schedule. I am about to embark on a new part of my grooming career and I am going to do it boldly and make no excuses. This will be an awesome experience.

I will keep you updated here on my blog with my progress, no doubt there will be ups and downs, joys and frustrations. Hopefully I will be able to complete this and gain my Master certification prior to their world domination. But who knows, these cats are crafty creatures, but

I am sure I can keep them distracted with a piece of string and a stick for a little while longer…..

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